Five Upgrades That Will Help Your Old House Sell Faster

Posted on: 25 July 2017

Old houses bring with them a sense of charm, often featuring beautiful craftsmanship from yesteryear. However, selling them can sometimes be a challenge because many home buyers worry about the age of the house and what unseen issues there might be. There are some things you can do to make your house appealing to buyers -- even those who are looking for more modern homes. 

1. Refinish the hardwood floors.

If you have carpeting throughout your old house, try looking underneath it to see if the carpet isn't covering up a beautiful wood floor made of old-growth hardwoods. Modern homes with new hardwoods don't have the same appeal as these older floors because older floors have a patina and a grain that often isn't duplicated in modern floor manufacturing. 

Ripping up the carpet and refinishing the floors is much less expensive than replacing the floors, and even if people worry about the age of the home, they will love the age and beauty of the warm hardwood floors. 

2. Add attic insulation.

Old homes have a reputation for being drafty. You can cut back on the draftiness of the home and make it feel more snug and homey by adding more attic insulation. Much heat is lost through the roof of older homes and adding insulation in the attic is a more simple fix that blowing it in through the walls. It'll make the home more energy efficient, which is always appealing to buyers. 

3. Improve the kitchen

Older homes have traditionally small kitchens without built-in cabinets or venting for ovens. Modern kitchen design is much more user friendly and inclusive to the rest of the home. If possible in your budget, improve the kitchen by adding more cabinets, installing modern appliances, and providing a vent hood over the range. If budget problems are an issue, consider buying used cabinets from a buy-and-sell website or local swap and install butcher-block counter tops, as these are trendy but inexpensive when compared to granite or quartz. 

4. Replace the windows. 

In old homes that have been beautifully maintained, the old windows will not be a setback. Working old windows that are well painted and that open and close with the weight and pulley system cannot be beat when it comes to longevity. They also look beautiful when compared to modern windows. However, many older homes do not have well-restored or beautifully maintained original windows. Instead, the windows may have cracked glass, cut cords, missing sash weights, and poor glazing. 

Here you have two options. You can restore the windows, which preserves the character of the home, or you can replace them with double-paned vinyl or wood windows. Wood windows are the most authentic. If you don't have a craftsman in your area for window restoration, replacement is usually the way to go. 

Replacement windows appeal to buyers because they see new windows are being more energy efficient and easier to understand and clean. 

5. Update the bathroom.

Many older bathrooms are charming in their vintage design. Penny tiles, clawfoot tubs, and two-tap sinks were standard in turn of the century homes. However, over time or with poor renovations from the 50's, 60's and 70's, these bathrooms are no longer charming. Removed old tiles and fixtures and install a modern bath. You don't have to use luxury features for the bathroom if it is not in your budget. Clean tiles, a new sink vanity, and a new toilet can go a long way when you're trying to market an old house. 

For more information on hardwood refinishing, contact a professional in your area. 


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