Have Dips In Your Hardwood Floors? Get Help From Flooring Professionals

Posted on: 27 July 2017

It is natural for your home to wear down over time, but this will happen at different intervals. For instance, a home with carpeting may need to have it replaced after ten years, but tile flooring may last an entire lifetime. Your hardwood flooring may have been in excellent condition when you moved in, but after several years, you may have started noticing some dips that developed in a few spots around the house. Hiring flooring professionals is a smart decision because they can help handle this situation.

Inspect the Situation

The first thing that professionals will do is come to your house for a thorough inspection. It is possible for you to do research on your own and try to make an accurate diagnosis, but you will find it better to rely on those who have a breadth of knowledge and know what to look for with potential issues. It will ensure that time and effort is spent on things that will lead to reaching a solution as quickly as possible.

Remove Planks Carefully

The subflooring could be one of the reasons that you are experiencing dips in the flooring. This means that the hardwood planks will need to be removed in order to check out exactly what is going on. Trying to remove them is not the easiest task, especially when you want to avoid all damage. Professionals should have no problem removing the affected planks while also preserving them for being installed again. If they end up causing irreparable damage to one of the planks, you can feel confident that they will remedy the situation by replacing the planks or repairing them to bring back the planks to their original condition.

Find a Solution to the Problem

It is possible for dips to be caused by various problems, so it is not always going to be an easy task to find a solution. But, when you have flooring professionals on board to help with the issue, you should be able to minimize how much time is spent on working with the floors due to their ability to reach quick results. This will prevent the dips from becoming a major inconvenience to have inside your home.

While hardwood floors usually do not require much maintenance aside from routine cleaning, you should make sure to get help when you notice something such as dipping that can get worse with time.


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