5 Best Practices When Caring For Hardwood Flooring

Posted on: 31 July 2020

Whether you've recently had hardwood flooring installed in your home or have moved into a home that's outfitted with hardwood flooring, knowing how to maintain this beautiful type of flooring is a must. When properly cared for, hardwood floors can last for many decades and can add natural beauty to your home. When it comes to maintaining your hardwood flooring, there are a handful of best practices worth keeping in mind.

Seal (And Re-Seal) Regularly

Wood, by its very nature, is porous. This is why hardwood flooring needs to be sealed to protect it from damage and staining. Hardwood floors are always sealed when they are initially installed, but it's up to you as the homeowner to re-seal your flooring as needed. Typically, this should be done about once every three to five years.

Sweep Up Dust Daily

One of the biggest enemies of hardwood flooring is everyday dust and debris. Over time, even fine debris can cause surface scratches to form on your hardwood flooring. Dust can also wear down the protective seal on your floors prematurely, so the best thing you can do to keep your floors looking their best is to sweep daily using a dry, microfiber dust mop.

Always Clean Up Spills Promptly

Spills happen, and when hardwood flooring is properly sealed, a small spill shouldn't cause any long-term issues as long as the spill is cleaned up quickly. Leaving spills to sit on hardwood flooring drastically increases the chances of staining and moisture damage, which can be costly and labor-intensive to repair.

Invest in Furniture Pads and Rugs

Chair legs, table legs, and other moving furniture can also cause scratches and damage to hardwood flooring. You can cut down on this type of damage by simply placing adhesive furniture pads on the bottom of your heavier furniture and chairs. In areas of high foot traffic, such as entryways and living areas, you can also protect your flooring with decorative rugs.

Know How to Properly Clean Wooden Floors

When it comes time to deep clean your hardwood flooring, use a cleaner that is specifically formulated for use on wood. Even still, it's a good idea to spot-test any new cleaner the first time you use it. After your floors are mopped clean, it's a good idea to hand dry them with a towel to prevent any pooling water from causing damage. From there, you can keep your hardwood flooring looking its best for years to come!

For more information on caring for your hardwood floors, talk to a hardwood flooring company in your area.


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