Choosing The Right Tile For Your Bathroom Remodel

Posted on: 18 September 2020

If it is time to update your bathroom, tile flooring is a great choice. There are countless options and styles to choose from to make your bathroom a custom piece of work in your home. Starting to plan the remodel and choose your materials can be overwhelming with all the choices available. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing tile for your upcoming bathroom renovation:

Tile Material

There are several popular types of tile most homeowners choose to install in a bathroom. Ceramic tile is near the top of the list because of its durability and versatility for all rooms in the home. Porcelain tiles are often denser, which makes them more water-resistant.

There are some tiles that are less suitable for the bathroom floor. Some tiles like are known to be more slippery when they have water on them because they have a smoother finish. This could lead to injury in your home. Make sure your tile isn't finished too glossy; having a rougher texture will make tile a better choice for a bathroom floor.

Tile Color

Choosing the right tile color is crucial. You can add a lot of value to your home with a remodel when you make the right design choices. Looking at current trends or timeless styles is usually the safest bet. Making decisions that are a little too bold or out of the box might have some consequences down the road if you go to sell. Decide whether you want a natural-looking tile or a patterned tile for the bathroom. Browse the internet and magazines for inspiration. Make sure you see the tile samples in the room, and consider the wall and baseboard colors you will choose. 

Tile Shape, Size, and Direction

Tile comes in a large number of shapes and sizes. Some tile is made to look like wood and can be cut and installed to mimic wood flooring. Decide what looks best for the room. A great way to make your room look high-end is to get creative with how the tile is laid. You can stagger things differently, add mosaic work, or install a herringbone pattern on the floor. Ask your tile floor installer for suggestions and be sure to inquire about the costs associated with any extra labor related to design.

Choosing the right tile for your bathroom renovation can have major pay off when the job is done. Take your time researching your options and finding the right flooring contractor to help you get it done.

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