3 Types Of Dairy Brick Damage To Repair

Posted on: 17 December 2020

Although it's a niche type of flooring, dairy brick can be highly durable and serviceable for a variety of applications. Called dairy brick because it's ideal flooring for commercial dairies, this type of brickwork can also make an attractive type of floor for other purposes, and can even work well in residential applications.

Dairy brick tends to be durable and hard-wearing, but in some cases, it can suffer damage and may need maintenance or repairs. Here are three types of damage to repair when you detect them on your dairy brick floor.

1. Cracked or broken bricks

Dairy brick floors are created using especially high temperatures to make the brick extra durable. The material is especially known for its ability to resist acid. However, that doesn't necessarily mean these bricks are impervious to all forces. You may still end up with a cracked or broken brick if a large, heavy object falls on it, for instance.

If you do find cracked or broken bricks in your floor, your repair contractor can simply swap out those bricks for new, unbroken bricks in a similar color.

2. Damaged grout

Although dairy brick itself is relatively impervious to chemicals such as acids, grout can start to break down over time, especially if you use harsh cleaners on it. You can have your dairy brick repair contractor replace the grout with a similar grout, or you can opt for an epoxy-based grout or coat the entire floor in epoxy for a heavy-duty seal.

3. Sunken areas

Any floor can suffer from a sunken area, raised spot, or other non-level aspects if the sub-flooring fails or the floor wasn't installed correctly. If you discover one of these types of problems with your dairy brick floor, you'll need to have it repaired so the floor won't present a trip and fall hazard.

To fix this type of issue, your repair contractor will likely have to remove the brick from the floor by cutting out the grout holding the bricks. This lets them get to the sub-flooring area. The contractor will then have to diagnose the issue with the floor's foundation and repair it so that the floor will remain level after the bricks are re-installed. This can be a complex and even expensive type of repair but is essential to avoid injuries potentially caused by someone tripping on your floor.

These are some of the potential dairy brick floor issues that you may need repairs for. Contact a dairy brick repair contractor to learn more.


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