Want Hardwood Floors In The Basement? Make It Work With Laminate Hardwood Installation

Posted on: 14 July 2017

Hardwood flooring looks incredible in most homes, so it is understandable as to why you may want to have it throughout your entire home. The rules that you would normally follow for the main living floors in the house are different when you are considering the basement. Hardwood floors come with additional risk when installed in the basement, so laminate hardwood flooring is an excellent alternative.

Avoid Moisture Problems

When choosing basement floors, you have to be careful with the type of flooring that you choose for the basement because it is more susceptible to moisture problems compared to the rest of the home. This makes laminate an outstanding choice because it will not have the same problems as hardwood. While you will still want to keep up with home maintenance to avoid a potential moisture issue, you will not have to worry about such a situation causing severe damage to the flooring in the basement area.

Spend Less Money

Remodeling your basement can get expensive, so it is nice when you are able to save money here and there. Making the choice to pick laminate over hardwood means you will end up with savings because hardwood costs around $8.10 per square foot while laminate sits at around $6.30 per square foot. You must also think about the reduced risk that comes with installing laminate flooring instead. The initial savings will make a difference, but it is the avoidance of issues that can lead to extra long-term savings.

Control the Look

With natural hardwood, you are able to choose the wood species that you purchase. But since wood is organic, you will have minimal control in how each plank looks throughout the basement. This is where laminate shines because it is non-organic, which gives you complete control in the overall look. You can look around at different laminate floors until you fall in love with one that looks like hardwood flooring.

Some other benefits include not having to worry about the sturdiness of the wood species. For instance, you might like the look of aspen wood, but it only has a hardness rating of 350. This means that your hardwood floors would be more susceptible to early wear and tear as well as serious damage. Butyou can get the look of aspen with a long-lasting material by going with laminate over the real thing.

Investing in laminate installation services is an advantageous compromise if you want the look of wood floors.


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