Tips To Help You Maximize The Lifespan Of Your Ceramic Tile Flooring

Posted on: 31 March 2023

Ceramic tile flooring can last upwards of 100 years when it is properly cared for. If you are preparing to have a new ceramic tile floor installed, you should take the time to learn how to extend the floor's lifespan. Here are a few tips that can help you to maximize the lifespan of your ceramic tile flooring. 

Have Your Tile and Grout Sealed

One of the best ways to protect any type of tile flooring, including ceramic tiles, is to have your tile and grout sealed immediately after having it installed. Tile and grout are porous, which means they can absorb spills. This can discolor the tile and grout, and shorten their life. Tiles and grout should be sealed after being installed and then resealed as needed throughout the life of the flooring. 

Use Door Mats, Area Rugs, or Furniture Pads 

Another way to help your tile flooring last is to use door mats, area rugs, or furniture pads. Ceramic tile is susceptible to scratching. As such, you want to try to protect the floors from scratches. Using door mats by doors to remove debris from shoes, and using area rugs or furniture pads under furniture can help you do just that. 

Use Non-Abrasive Cleaning Products 

One of the most common mistakes that people make is using abrasive cleaning products on their ceramic tiles. Abrasive cleaning products can scratch, tarnish, or discolor your tiles. Use a broom and dry mop for regular cleaning. Avoid using harsh chemicals and acidic cleaners, such as bleach and ammonia. 

Get Your Floors Professionally Cleaned As Needed

Most people know that they need to regularly hire a professional to clean their carpets, but they may not realize that they also need to hire a professional to clean their tile and grout. You should hire a professional to use a hot water extraction process about one time a year to deep clean both your tile and grout and help them to last. 

Consider Purchasing Replacement Tiles 

Lastly, when you purchase tiles to install in your home, consider purchasing extra tiles so you have replacement tiles. No matter how well you care for your floor, stains, cracks, and chips can happen. If this happens, you want to have tiles on hand so you can replace the damaged tile and ensure your floor matches. It can be hard, if not impossible, to match tiles years or decades later, so having replacement tiles on hand ensures you don't have to replace your floor over one damaged or stained tile. 

Having your tile and grout sealed, utilizing elements that protect the tile floor, using non-abrasive cleaning products, getting your floors professionally cleaned, and having replacement tiles on hand if a tile chips or breaks are all great ways to help you to maximize the lifespan of your flooring. This can help your new floor last as long as it is designed to last.  

For more info about ceramic tile products, contact a local company. 


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