When Should You Consider Dairy Brick Repairs? Here Are 3 Signs To Watch Out

Posted on: 19 January 2022

The dairy brick is a unique flooring that's thermally durable and chemically resistant. This construction makes the brick resistant to heat and growth of bacterial growth. That's why it's a popular option in many commercial establishments with high standards of cleanliness, like food processing and dairy plants. Given that they're also non-porous, you can use harsh chemicals to wash your floors without damaging them. However, after years of continuous use, they may require repair and maintenance to keep them in great shape. So, here are a few warning indicators that it's time to seek the services of a dairy brick repair contractor.

There Are Uneven Areas On Your Floor Surface

If you walk on your dairy brick floor and feel something unusual like a shift or a slight wobble, it's an indication that your brick has a problem. One of the common reasons that may cause this to happen is that the underneath of your dairy brick could be eroded. It could also be that the brick is chipped, causing it not to fit properly, or the grout has deteriorated and doesn't hold the brick in place anymore. Remember that any slight feel of a shift or wobble as you walk on the dairy bricks is a sign that it's time to seek dairy brick repair services.

The Grouting Isn't As Sturdy As The Bricks

Dairy bricks are popular for their durability primarily because of their firm grouting. Note that it may disintegrate quickly when the grouting isn't as strong as the bricks. This is mainly because of the constant exposure to the floor cleaning chemicals. If you notice that the grouting is wearing and don't take any action, it can crack or crumble away, and this will cause your bricks to move. Understand that any loose bricks are a safety concern, which is why you should contact a reputable dairy brick repair expert to resolve this issue promptly.

Your Bricks Have Begun To Chip Or Crack

One noticeable sign you should seek dairy brick repair is when you begin to notice cracks and chips. Cracks allow water to absorb into the bricks, speeding up the damage process. Without timely intervention, the water will weaken the slab causing the bricks to fall off. Such an area can be a harbor for bacteria and even cause accidents. When you notice any crack or chip on your dairy brick, let an experienced repair professional help seal your cracks.

Dairy bricks are a preferred flooring material in most commercial buildings because of their durability and versatility in application. Like most materials, it's prone to wear and tear and requires routine maintenance. That said, if you notice any of the above signs, ensure that you seek the assistance of a dairy brick repair contractor immediately, like Archway Brick and Tile.


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