The Benefits In Adding Epoxy To Your Garage's Cement Floor

Posted on: 16 July 2017

If you are the owner of an auto body shop or repair garage, it is likely you work on fixing vehicles in a large room or in bays with cement slab flooring. There are several benefits to be obtained with the addition of an epoxy coating over cement. Here are some of the reasons why hiring a floor contractor to add epoxy to your business' floor will improve your working environment.

The Ability To Minimize Staining From Liquid Spills

An epoxy floor will allow for mishaps where excessive moisture drips onto its surface. Since the slickness of the additional layer works well at keeping moisture from penetrating through to the cement underneath, liquid spills can be mopped up easily. Oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and liquid from the agents you use to make repairs to vehicles will be less likely to stain your floor as a result. Regular cleaning is recommended to help in keeping your epoxy in the best of condition. If it becomes faded over time, a new layer can easily be applied to refresh the color and shine.

The Power To Fill In Crevices So They Are No Longer Visible To Customers

Cement flooring will obtain cracks and crevices over time due to the shifting of the foundation level of a building if soil underneath is altered from expansion and erosion. While filling in these cracks is with cement caulk is certainly an option, the floor will be left with marred portions as the coloring will not be an exact match. Filling in the cracks and then adding a colored epoxy on top of the floor will hide the flawed areas completely, leaving a smooth surface for customers and employees to walk upon.

The Chance To Match Colors To The Business' Decor

If you want to improve the overall appearance of your auto shop, colored epoxy can be matched with the existing color scheme to give your business a streamlined look. Consider using a contrasting color to make the floor stand out. If desired, a logo or text can be stenciled upon the epoxy to give your business a professional appearance. A flooring contractor will discuss designing options with you beforehand to determine the best way to use your floor for advertising purposes. Multicolored flooring or tinted epoxy are also options to consider. A flooring contractor will have the cement painted with the additional layer over a weekend or during a time your business is closed for a few days.


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