Cleaning Your Commercial Floor Drains: Step-By-Step Guide For Slaughterhouses

Posted on: 27 July 2017

Commercial floor drains in a slaughterhouse are an important part of the meat processing industry. These drains funnel out urine and blood, and catch thicker substances from entering the sewer system. If you are part of the custodial crew in a slaughterhouse, here is how you should clean these drains.

1. Clear the Hair, Fur, Skin, Fat and Feces from the Top of the Drain

A lot of the leavings of cleaning animals often ends up around and on the floor drains. You will need to scoop and scrape off the hair/fur, skin, fat and any feces from the tops of the drains. Dispose of these substances according to state and federal health codes. Then, use a cleaner, such as ammonia or bleach, to clean and disinfect the top of the drain. 

2. Lift the Drain off of the Strainer

Most of your floor drains in a meat processing plant have strainers. This ensures that larger pieces of unusable animal leavings do not go down the drain and clog it. You will have to lift the top grid of the drain to get to the strainer. Then scoop and/or dump anything on top of the strainer that should not be there. This has to be done daily to ensure that there is not an outbreak of flies or maggots within the plant.

3. Scrub and Disinfect the Strainer

Once everything is out of and off of the strainer, scrub and disinfect the strainer. The idea is to make the drains as unappealing to insects as possible, and frequent cleanings and disinfection makes the strainers uninhabitable to insects. Replace the strainers in their drains. You do not have to concern yourself with the drain plumbing below as daily cleaning of the top grates of the drains will see to what is below.

4. Check to Make Sure There Is Nothing on the Underside of the Top Grate

Even though you already washed the top grate of each drain, flip the top grates over to make sure there is nothing stuck to the undersides. If there is, scrub it loose and clean the top grates again. If not, replace the tops of the drains over the strainers and continue the rest of your daily custodial duties in the meat processing plant. Check the floor drains often during each shift to catch any build-up of animal leavings that could block the drains and cause problems.


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