4 Aspects To Ponder When Buying New Wood Flooring

Posted on: 17 August 2017

Wood flooring can be a great option for homeowners, as it will complement most any decor, modern or traditional. Wood floors are easier to maintain than carpet, and it is not as likely to harbor parasites, such as fleas and dust mites. There is a lot to consider, however, if you are about to purchase wood flooring for your home. For instance, you will need to consider the type of wood species to choose from, as well as the best way to maintain your new floor. Before you make your purchase, here are 4 important aspects to ponder:

1. Do You Prefer a Solid Wood Floor Type, or Is Engineered Flooring the Better Choice?

First you need to think about the differences between both types of wood flooring. If you choose solid wood, that is exactly what you will get: a solid construction of one type of wood all the way through. If you are looking for versatility in being able to refinish your floor at various times and sand it as often as you wish, the solid wood flooring is an ideal choice. It is often more expensive than the engineered type of wood floor.

However, if you are looking to save a bit of money, you might consider engineered wood for your floors. Rather than using one solid species of wood, the engineered type will be constructed of multiple layers of wood veneers. It's a good choice for a basement, as it can easily be stapled to a concrete sub- floor. Keep it mind that you may not be able to refinish the engineered wood more than once or twice, unlike solid wood which may be finished repeatedly.

2. What Are Some of the Wood Species to Choose From?

Hardwood flooring is not merely available in one species of wood. You have several options to consider, so make your choice wisely. Will you choose oak, maple, cherry, walnut, ash or hickory? Considering that oak and maple have been mainstays in wood flooring for decades, you may lean towards one of those.

Red oak has a heavy grain appearance and texture with a golden brownish look. You will find the red oak is available in a few color variations. White oak is somewhat harder, with a more subtle color variation. Its durability makes it a good choice for heavy traffic areas.

Maple wood has more of a light and creamy appearance, and it is extremely durable and hard as well. If you plan on staining, it is best to use a light stain rather than a dark shade, to avoid mottled or bemished spots.

You might choose a cherry wood for its elegant appearance, but remember that it is not as hard as oak or maple. Hickory has a similar look and grain, although it tends to have a varying degree of patterns. Walnut makes a more bold statement, as the wood tends to be darker and warmer in color. Mahogany wood flooring offers a rich, warm reddish brown appearance with a fine texture.

3. Learn How to Minimize Scratches on Your New Wood Floor

Developing scratches on wood flooring is often inevitable, especially in households with pets or very young children. Fortunately, there are simply ways to minimize scratches and repair them if necessary. If you have a dog or cat, keep their nails trimmed. You might place a throw rug down on areas that are prone to heavy foot traffic. Removing street shoes before entering the house, or wearing shoes and slippers with a soft rubber sole, is another good way to avoid scratching the wood floors. Never walk on a wood floor wearing high heels or spiked shoes. If you do notice an occasional scratch on the floor, it is most likely affecting the finish and not the wood itself. If you're concerned about a deep scratch, call a professional to repair and rectify the issue.

4. Remember That Routine Maintenance Is Necessary

In order ton keep your wood floors looking like new, you need to keep them clean and free from dirt and debris. Simply use a dust mop regularly, or you may use a vacuum cleaner with the right setting chosen. Be sure to turn off the beater bar before you vacuum the wood floor. Avoid getting your wood floors wet. Moisture may damage the wood. Spills should be dried immediately.

Occasionally you might want to enliven your wood floors with a renewed luster. You can do so by using a special cleaner formulated for wood floors. Read labels thoroughly to ensure the product is safe for your particular type of wood. For more information, contact companies like Monterrey  Tile Company.


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