Three Things To Consider When Coating On Your Concrete Floor

Posted on: 22 July 2020

Every floor can benefit from a coating to protect from wear and tear, concrete floors included. This kind of flooring is great for long-term durability, but a coating can make the concrete last even longer while also providing aesthetic qualities. When setting up a concrete coating for your floor, you will want to determine what coating you want, how much of the coating you need, and whether you should do it yourself

The Type Of Coating

There are many different floor coatings for concrete on the market, and different types of coatings will have different benefits. You will need to look at your (hopefully) fully finished concrete floor and what it is expected to handle so you can choose the right coating. For example, some epoxy concrete coatings are better at handling chemical exposure over time than others. Meanwhile, while these same coatings might not work well in areas that experience temperature fluctuations that cause concrete to expand and contract. This is before any aesthetic qualities, such as added quartz chips.

The Amount Of Coating

Another important factor when choosing a concrete coating is the price involved for the coating itself and the thickness you want. For example, a coating for a 360 square foot garage can range anywhere from over $700 to $1800 depending on the coating itself. Additionally, you will need more coating the thicker the epoxy you want. You will need to measure the area that you want to cover and compare it to the epoxy or other concrete covering you have chosen based on the manufacturer. For any area larger than 200 sq ft., you will want at least three gallons of covering, with another 1.5 gallons for each extra 200 sq ft. This may differ for the specific coating you choose, such as especially thin or thick coatings.

DIY Or Professional

The final thing to consider when putting a coating on your concrete floor is whether you want to do the work yourself. It is possible to do a well-made floor coating yourself, but for larger spaces or more finicky concrete coatings, you may want to hire a flooring expert or other contractor. Additionally, flooring professionals can determine how much coating you need, find the right coating for your needs, and apply it professionally. You may be able to establish a relationship for future floor maintenance as well.

When setting up a coating for your concrete floor, there are at least three important things to consider. You will need to determine what coating you want to use, how much you'll need, and whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional.


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