Kitchen Remodeling? Reasons Why You Should Start With the Floors

Posted on: 5 February 2021

When you do a kitchen remodeling project, you may think it's best to start with the countertops or the cabinets. If you're doing a full kitchen renovation, this can be the case, but there are many reasons to begin the renovation of your kitchen with the floors.

Here are reasons to think of your floors first when you do your kitchen remodeling project. Your flooring specialist will show you several types of floors that not only fit your budget but are also ideal for this part of your home. For example, tile floors might be great for the kitchen because of their durability and ease of cleaning, while brick floors may be better suited for another room due to their porosity.

1. You might not need to make other adjustments 

You'd be surprised the ways simply upgrading your kitchen floors can add to the value and allure of your kitchen. If you have especially old or cheap flooring in your kitchen — like dated linoleum — you might find that ripping out uninspired floors and putting water-resistant LVP or stunning ceramic tile in your kitchen is all the upgrade you actually need.

If your budget is smaller, start with floors. Your kitchen remodeling project will still be quite apparent and you can make your space look new and invigorating, simply by changing the view from the ground. Choose a patterned kitchen floor design if you want to make the floors the center point of the kitchen, or choose something more streamlined and defined if you are wanting a bold kitchen with a sturdy appeal.

2. You might get better inspiration for the rest of your project 

Are you at a loss as to how to upgrade your kitchen during your remodeling project? Choose a new neutral kitchen floor that can help inspire you with the rest of your project's ideas. Solid kitchen floors create a base to work from. You begin with new floors, and before you know it, you know what type of hardware you want on your cabinets, what finish you want for your cupboards, and what style of countertops you want.

Have a conversation with your kitchen remodeling contractor to find out just what type of kitchen floors you want in your home. The right floors will inspire the rest of the kitchen project and can help restore this functional part of the home nicely. Once your kitchen remodeling project is done, continue regular floor maintenance to keep the kitchen looking great.


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